Bistro Manila in Scarborough

Bistro Manila, an Authentic & Finest Filipino Cuisine, Grill Karaoke Bar and Restaurant a place like home.

Bistro Manila, sounds just like you're home and indeed makes it client's feel like home.

For Filipino patrons, being in Bistro Manila will remind them of the vibrant and lively metropolis, commanding a magnificent view of world famous Manila Bay and its golden sunset. Fascination is an understatement of the feeling that one gets by visiting Manila. Historic, bustling, awe-inspiring, the "Philippine" Cosmopolitan capital' i a end of cultures and flavours that offers an endless serving of place to see.

Bringing Manila to Toronto is in Joey Lozano's heart. Being away fro home, he has always craved for Manila. The ambiance of the capital city, singing with families and friends is just a usual gathering back home. Such set up is what made Bistro Manila's owner Joey decide to have a place here in Toronto, where friends and families meet and enjoy the atmosphere of the Philippines. Bistro Manila is also a place where all cultures could have the Philippine experience.

Bistro Manila, an Authentic & Finest Filipino Cuisine, grill, Karaoke bar and restaurant in Toronto, gave Filipino a place to be proud of.

"I wanted something that will have a wholesome meaning of entertainment not only for younger generations but to all generations," says Lozano.

So last May 8, 2009, Bistro Manila was launched and opened its doors to the public, an attainment of Joey's dreams for Filipinos.

Bistro Manila has so much to offer; great food at affordable prices, fun and entertainment like karaoke singing and dancing.  Private functions or specials occasions can be arranged as well. It is truly a place where friends and families meet.